Friday, May 8, 2015

It's all downhill from here...

No shoes, no shirt, no problem.
I'm not a thrill-seeker by nature.  I was always happy to pedal around on my hand-me-down-banana-seat bike on our quiet street while my hot-rodding brother jumped curbs (and an occasional volunteer from the audience) with his BMX bike.

But every once in a while, when the heat and boredom got the best of me, I would head up the hill.

In my memory it was at least a mile high.  So steep I had to walk my bike up because it didn't have low gears like my sister's fancy 10-speed.  My brother kept watch at the bottom and signaled me when traffic was clear.  There was always a last second wave of fear and hesitation before I would gather my courage and push off.  I didn't coast, I HURTLED.  Down the hill and into blinding sunshine at what felt like 100 miles per hour.  Eyes squinting.  Hair blowing in the wind.

Without a helmet.

I'm there again now.
There's just over a month remaining before we set out on the Hometown Tour.
Our home has been leased by another family.
We're sleeping on mattresses on the floor in anticipation of moving into the trailer in a couple weeks.
Training locations have been confirmed in 10 cities for the fall with several more pending.
We've mapped out every move between June and Decemeber.

These last days in our home feel like an eternity because our hearts are already on the move.  Yet a calm has settled over our family that can only be attributed to God's gentle guidance.  I thought I might be scared when we reached this place.  I would tell you if I was.  But we're here, perched on the edge, and I don't feel any hesitation.  I feel a restless urgency.  I feel ready.  And I can almost feel the wind in my hair.